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The European Handball Federation is the umbrella organisation for handball in Europe. In partnership with DAZN, the Handball Diaries campaign is celebrating top handball players, generating awareness of the sport and individual achievements.


We were enlisted to engage new audiences in the Women Handball Championships





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Prior to kicking off the campaign we did a deep dive into EHF’s current audience to have a clear understanding of who was engaging with handball. As we were using Nora Mørks story to raise awareness of the sport, we also analysed her audience to create key communities, which involved a combination of lookalike audiences and key interests that we could target.

We then enlisted influencers to share Nora Mørk’s story, relating it to their own personal experiences and highlighting how inspirational it was to learn more about a woman’s journey to becoming one of the top players in her sport.

All Influencers had previously expressed an interest in women’s handball, or were advocates of women’s sport ensuring the content was authentic and genuinely engaged users.

After raising awareness of the Handball Diaries series, creators then directed followers to the current championships and encouraged them to watch and get involved in the final games!

“I really enjoyed working on this campaign and bringing awareness to such a prominent women’s sport in Norway! Working with Meg was really easy and each and everyone provided clear and coherent briefs that made the content creation process easy and enjoyable!”

Camilla Andersen Content Creator

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