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Influence is currency

Powerful brands have powerful advocates; people whose words carry weight and stand for something. We help put your name on the lips of all the right people.

Better connected – by better content.

Our campaigns are designed to connect organically with your ideal audience.


Influencer Marketing

Our campaigns are built on a platform of authenticity and data. We do the heavy lifting, from identification, management, content creation and reporting. Our bespoke influencer analysis is rigorous to guarantee results.


Insights & Research

We look at your competitive landscape using social data, market analysis & behavioural science to create a custom-blend strategy. Unpacking the audience’s motivations, pain points, needs and wants.


Content Production

Conceiving and executing original on-brand campaigns is what we love doing most. We create content with vertical orientation first that makes users stop the scroll and draw people into the conversation.


Paid Social

Whether it’s high-impact video, scroll stopping still images  or personalised retargeting ads we use bespoke custom audiences to drive conversions through brand and influencer channels, tailored and defined by your KPIs


Social Management

A strong social presence is non-negotiable in the era of the metaverse. We’ll shape a social media strategy that’s authentically you, online, generating a community of advocates.



We create exceptional campaigns, designed around the three core pillars of programmatic planning, executing & analysing. We use an open and flexible DSP to turbo charge productivity and results.



You know the drill, it’s not what you know, but who you know. We bring the right brands together to build formidable power couples; where both parties benefit by driving down costs, and unlocking exciting content.

Scale up your social
Get serious with social

Big social results


A network of over 6M Influencers at our fingertips


Our content has been seen by over 505M+ eyes


100% success rate in achieving campaign guarantees

e&e Originals

Influencers are at the heart of all our campaigns, and our e&e originals are tailored to your needs.

Platform Focus

Let’s spark a global conversation