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Reached over 5 million people on social promoting BetVictor and their partnerships through the use of influencers and event activations.

BetVictor Ltd is an online gambling company that offers sports betting and an online casino.


Identify suitable influencers to act as ambassadors for BetVictor, aligning them with partnerships and promotions to generate increased brand exposure on social.





Social Posts




‘The Master vs The Apprentice’ involved two ambassadors attending Newbury Racecourse and competing against each other in challenges that promoted BetVictors sponsorship of the day. Our master was racing expert Rosie Tapner and our apprentice was the apprentice contestant Tom Skinner.

Other activities included interviews with BetVictor representatives, members of the public, and brand ambassador Harry Redknapp.

In 2023 we scaled up our activity to not one, but three race days and introduced the BetVictor Race Series Cup. This was an adapted take on The Master vs The Apprentice but bigger and better! With more influencers, more events, and more challenges, the selected influencers battled it out over the race season to be crowned the champion. Across 3 different race days, influencers took part in multiple challenges that also highlighted BetVictor’s brand values and products. Some of these included:

  • Time Trials of Newbury Racecourse
  • Quizzes
  • Stable Muck Challenges
  • Interacting with racegoers

The campaign was deemed a success by overachieving all pre-determined measures of success including impressions, the number of influencers, content, and engagements.

The Newbury Racecourse activations were not our only focus, to promote BetVictor during the Qatar Winter World Cup we activated our ‘Crack the Code‘ campaign. This was an interactive game where codes could be redeemed by players and then be matched up to games in the World Cup and redeemed for prizes. For example,  matching your code with the code for the World Cup Final would result in a prize of £100,000.

We promoted this game by activating well-known influencers who played along during the competition. Each influencer produced both informative and engaging content, as well as received their own ‘Crack the Code’ supporters package. The content was shared on their socials, with edits being boosted through Meta ads to drive sign-ups. In total our campaign surpassed Impression and Engagement targets.

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