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Driving a positive ROI through influencer partnerships and discount codes.


We were enlisted to help launch Betterly in the UK market. With Betterly offering a large variety of subscriptions to choose from, before the campaign began, we conducted research into the UK market to identify the best products to launch with.


Before the campaign began, we conducted research into the UK market to identify key hobbies, interest groups, and audiences, and then aligned these with the products available. We then used this data, along with the brand values and goals to identify the most effective influencers to drive results.

Using our bespoke analysis, we identified Influencers across Instagram and YouTube to create inspiring content. This took their followers on a Betterly journey, from the box arriving in the post to the creation process and activities, all using the campaign hashtag #FreeTimeOffline.  The content was then redistributed through a paid social strategy to generate further leads and sales from prospecting customers whilst increasing awareness of the brand and driving engagements.

“It’s been an absolute joy working with Ben each&everyone! I love the creative campaigns and I was lucky enough to be asked to be involved! The briefs were always so straightforward, allowing Influencers freedom to brainstorm on the creative direction. Meg was so fast answering any questions and the entire process was so smooth each time. From posting to sharing stats and making payments, everything is effortless with these guys!”

Aly Vy Influencer @allmumstalk

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