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Transparency in Influencer Marketing: How We at each&everyone Pave the Way

In today’s dynamic digital marketing world, influencer partnerships have proven their might, forging genuine connections between brands and audiences. However, an underlying concern has been the need for more transparency in this realm. I founded each&everyone to address this very challenge. Here’s how we’re championing transparency in the UK’s influencer marketing sphere.

The Clarity We Strive For

Gone are the days when brands relied solely on press releases or media events to announce new products. With their substantial and engaged followers, influencers act as modern-day megaphones, broadcasting your product to keen ears and eager eyes.

Our Behind-the-Scenes Journey

From day one, I believed that no brand should be left guessing. From selecting the right influencer to presenting post-campaign insights, we ensure our partners are thoroughly informed. This openness establishes trust and allows for informed decisions, creating harmonious and impactful collaborations.

Our Transparent Contracts: A Commitment

Overly complex contracts with confusing jargon can often muddle understanding. At each&everyone, we simplify this. Every agreement we craft is straightforward, ensuring every partner fully comprehends the terms of our collaboration.

Transparency Backed by Data

True transparency extends beyond just communication. It’s about offering tangible evidence of success. We, at each&everyone, rely heavily on data. Our partners receive in-depth analyses of every campaign— from engagement metrics to audience insights— guaranteeing transparency at every stage.

Our Rigorous Influencer Vetting

Our dedication to clarity is evident in our influencer selection process too. Every influencer we work with undergoes stringent vetting to ensure they resonate with our partners’ values. We meticulously assess their previous partnerships, audience authenticity, and content quality, assuring a genuine alliance for our clients.


In an industry that sometimes struggles with transparency, I take immense pride in how each&everyone stands as a paragon of openness in the UK influencer marketing realm. 

Our dedication doesn’t just uplift our campaigns; it also reinstates faith in an industry that desperately seeks it. 

As we continue this journey, I invite you to participate in our transparent mission if you’re intrigued and wish to know more. 

Please don’t hesitate to email us. We’re here to collaborate, illuminate, and innovate.