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The importance of analysing analytics of your influencer campaign

Influencer marketing can be a massively impactful way of broadening the reach of your brand on social media and generating more leads, but you’re limiting its potential if you’re not monitoring performance.

Studying the analytics of your campaigns is a vital part of social media marketing and influencer campaigns are no exception; you need to know what works and what doesn’t.

First off, analytics can help ensure you’re choosing the right influencers for your campaigns. You can compare the success – or perhaps failure – of campaigns with different influencers to see which ones resonated with your audience the most.

So, you can then work with those influencers again, or make sure you source ones that are like them.

Speaking of audiences, another benefit of analysing your analytics is that you will get a clearer idea of just who that audience is; i.e. who is consuming your content. Analytics now allow you to determine factors like age bracket, gender, location and even interests.

This provides you with empirical data on what demographics your content is reaching, meaning you’re better equipped for future campaigns. You’ll be able to tailor content to this audience, plus you’ll have a much clearer idea of which type of influencers you’ll want to collaborate with.

Your analytics can also convey how your campaigns are performing, both in comparison with each other and against your baseline metrics. Again, this allows you to drill down into what works and what doesn’t so that, with each campaign, you are learning more and more.

You’ll also be able to get a better idea of your ROI (return on investment) when using an influencer. You’ll be paying them for their services, and by taking a detailed look at the analytics of the campaign, you’ll be able to see just what you paid for. This helps to set future budgets and navigate future negotiations with other influencers.

All of this combined ensures that you are keeping a close eye on your marketing strategy to ensure it’s working. This will help you make more informed business decisions in the future, and will help your brand remain at the forefront of social media marketing.

Influencer campaigns in particular can give you a more honest view of how your content, products or services are received by audiences, as the initial barrier of advertising/marketing fatigue is all but removed. 

So, the analytics for these campaigns arguably have added importance as they are more closely aligned with how successful your marketing efforts actually are. 

Social media marketing is constantly evolving and shifting, so it pays to stay on top of analytics and data to ensure you’ve got a solid idea of what is succeeding. To get the most out of your spend on influencers, regularly track the analytics to monitor the performance so you can make any necessary adjustments.

The numbers may seem daunting at first, but once you get to grips with them and begin to see the patterns, you’ll find your influencer campaigns become much more effective.

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