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5 Top Tips to Delivering a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign!

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Over the time we’ve been managing influencer campaigns, we’ve picked up a whole lot of pointers along the way! Here are our top 5 tips to a successful campaign:

Choose the Right Influencer and Platform

Don’t just partner with any influencer with a huge following – take the time to do your research, find out more about them and work out if they resonate with your audience and align with your goals. A brand/influencer partnership needs to be authentic and real, and getting it wrong can feel inauthentic and weird.

If you have a product that’s aimed at a Gen-Z audience, then it might be best not to start working with influencers on Facebook. The crowd there’s a little older and might not be the right fit for your product. Instead, look at platforms with a younger demographic like Snapchat and TikTok.

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Build Relationships & Connections

If you’re looking for longer-term partnerships, then it’s especially important to build relationships with the influencers that you work with, and not just treat it as a transaction. Influencers work in the business of building communities and relationships with their followers; that extends to the brands they work with too.

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Sign on the Dotted Line 

Having a clear contract in place with influencer partners stops confusion from either side. If you clearly outline deadlines, payment terms and output of a partnership then this means that there’s no grey area. It also means that if you need to give a nudge along then it’s clear why and when you do this.

Know your Goals Before You Start

Working with influencers isn’t something that you should just do because other brands are. It takes time and dedication to build those relationships. You need a strategy so that you can understand and establish whether it’s the right move for your business or not. Setting realistic goals, targets and KPI’s for your influencer campaign is essential to measure success and make improvements for next time. Think about your motivation for the campaign – why are you doing it?

Work with an Experienced Influencer Agency

If you’re already busy, then working with influencers is another thing to add to your neverending to-do list. It takes time, effort and resources to build those relationships, carry out research, approach new influencers, keep track of the various campaigns going on and measure success. Even finding the right influencers and connecting at first can be tricky.

By partnering with an experienced influencer agency (ok we might be a little biased – but it’s true), you’re utilising the expertise of a team that already have those key influencer connections and have managed similar campaigns. They know the ins and outs, ups and downs and tips and tricks for managing influencers. 

At eaeo, we’ve worked with countless brands and influencers from start to finish. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how influencer marketing can benefit your brand and how we can help you to achieve your sales goals!