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4 Of The Best Black Friday Campaigns From 2020

Black Friday campaigns have the potential to be the most lucrative project that businesses embark on all year, here’s the Best Black Friday Campaigns in 2020

As soon as the weather starts getting colder and the pumpkin spice comes out, consumers everywhere are waiting to see what deals they can snap up.

Last Cyber Monday was the most important day for online shopping in US history, with retailers scooping up nearly $11 billion worth of sales. However, if you want a slice of this delicious pumpkin pie, you’ll need to use your creativity to pull the attention of your customers away from your competitors.

We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite black Friday campaigns from 2020 to help inspire you.

Walmart – #unwrapthedeals

Influencers, gamification, interactive shopping – the Walmart unwrapthedeals campaign had it all.

November 2020 was a strange time for everyone. Usually, black Friday would see hordes of shoppers storming their favorite shops to grab a bargain. But, unfortunately, in 2020, this wasn’t possible due to the ongoing pandemic.

So, to recreate the experience of in-person shopping digitally, the unwrapthedeals campaign enabled a TikTok filter where shoppers could reveal the best black Friday deals from Walmart and have the opportunity to win them. 

Unwrapthedeals went on for the whole of November and utilised some of TikTok’s best-loved creators. The combination of influencer marketing and gamification made unwrapthedeals one of the most successful hashtags that TikTok has ever seen, with over 5.5 billion views and an 18.4% engagement rate.  

Patagonia – buy less, demand more

Outdoor clothing and equipment brand Patagonia took an entirely different approach to Black Friday.

Patagonia’s ethos is that they make high-quality clothing from recycled materials where possible, so that you don’t need to buy new ones so often. The clothing industry is a significant contributor to the climate crisis, and Patagonia wants to encourage their customers to reuse and recycle wherever possible.

Their Black Friday campaign was entirely in line with their ethos. They published a palindromic poem in the New York Times that, when read one way, is a mournful statement about the state of the world, and when read in reverse, is a powerful call to action.

This campaign resonated with Patagonia’s environmentally-conscious customer base and solidified brand loyalty.

Apple – teaser email

Technology giants Apple used their characteristically simple approach when it came to their Black Friday campaign.

Their products have such a good reputation that practically no promotion is needed. So, all Apple had to do was send out a simple email letting customers know the dates of their Black Friday event a few weeks in advance.

This simple email built anticipation and had consumers eagerly waiting to see which products they could snap up at a discounted price. Then, a week before the event, they notified customers of the specific deals.

Amazon Fire TV – pop up influencer event

Amazon Fire TV went all out for Black Friday 2020, hosting a week-long event in a shopping mall in LA featuring influencers and a pop-up store.

Choosing to make a portion of their event in person meant that Amazon stood out from their competitors and made the content posted online all the more compelling.

The campaign was so successful because Amazon worked with influencers who had a good relationship with their audience. 

We are experts in matching influencers to brands. If you would like help crafting the perfect Black Friday Campaign for 2021, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!