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How Influencer Marketing Is Changing The World

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Influencer marketing is constantly changing and evolving as new influencers pop up, brands expand their marketing activity and new platforms open for influencers to utilise. The industry is no longer something to try, it’s an integral and essential part of a global brand’s marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that influencer marketing is changing the world as we know it – online, offline and everywhere in between.

From Influencer to Creative Director

Influencers are taking their knowledge of fashion, trends and creativity away from Instagram and into the boardroom. Molly-Mae Hague was announced as Creative Director of PrettyLittleThing earlier in the year, whilst Kendall Jenner has also been named as Creative Director of luxury US online retailer FWRD.

Known for having their finger on the pulse of what’s trending, resonating with their target audience and understanding what it is that the audience wants are all key parts of being an influencer. These skills translate exceptionally well into creative roles, especially in fashion and retail.

TikTok Changes The Game

TiKTok has grown significantly in the last couple of years and with it, it’s changed the way we all consume media and video content. Other social channels like Instagram, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have sought to replicate the short-form video platform’s success.

As a platform, TikTok drives trends in everything from music through to fashion, food, beauty, interiors and even cleaning. As well as another channel for influencers to use to generate income, it makes products sell out, songs reach the top of the charts and creates new influencers almost overnight. 

Podcasts Become Big News

Hands up if you listened to podcasts regularly before 2019? They’ve been around for years but became big news during the pandemic as we all looked for new ways to stay entertained. Its audience tends to be younger than other audio listening tools, so advertisers are increasingly using podcasts as part of their marketing strategy.

Many influencers and celebrities have started to take podcasting seriously too. It’s a way to generate evergreen content that reaches their target audience, as well as seek out further income through sponsorships and drive traffic to other channels. It works well to reach niche audiences – there are over 2.2 million podcasts on Spotify alone with 84 million listeners – and it’s content that lasts.

More Diverse Voices

The influencer industry allows voices to be heard from different parts of society, different parts of the world and for stories to be told from different perspectives. The narrative moves away from traditional media and more towards raw and unfiltered insights. This can make it more inclusive and provide a safe space for people to interact with a community they feel comfortable in.

As the influencer industry has grown, it’s opened up the conversation around earnings, making change and representation. The industry as a whole has the opportunity to become more transparent, honest and representative of its global audience. The audience can find more content that resonates with them and their daily life.

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