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Christmas Social Media Posts: How To Stand Out

At a time of the year when every industry is fighting for the top spot, how can you make Christmas influencer campaigns and social media posts stand out? How can you be original and bypass the classic clickbait campaigns? If you have seen our black Friday campaigns blog, you will have seen some of the great ways you can implement influencers into your content schedule. Therefore, we thought it would be helpful to give you some Christmas social media post ideas and how to stand out in 2022. Let’s Dive In.

Don’t Forget About The Holidays Before Christmas

So, do not forget the holidays that happen before Christmas. For example, Black Friday and Cyber Monday! They are marketing gold and something you should be incorporating into your digital marketing strategy. 

Think about it; not everyone starts their Christmas shopping in December. So it would be best if you advertised early to profit from sales. A great black Friday campaign can be a tactical way to tease your Christmas influencer campaigns. 

If you smash your previous campaigns in the lead-up to Christmas, it will create a ready-made audience waiting for your Christmas social media posts. So, pay close attention to the run-up to Christmas! 

Start Early

Leading on from black Friday, start early! 

The earlier, the better. You want to be brainstorming Christmas social media post ideas months before. Even the year before! You want to get ahead of the game and spot the trends early.

Look at campaigns that did well the year before and determine why they did so well. What influencers did they use? Were they posting consistently over a period of time? Did they use more than one influencer?

Once you have your campaign idea, finding the right influencer can take time. Even then, the influencer you want might not be available or not within budget. So make sure you plan ahead and have a good idea of what influencer you want and how you want the campaign to look. 

Do Christmas Influencer Campaigns With A Twist 

Concentrate on your briefs. 

It would help if you communicated clearly to influencers precisely what you want them to do and how you want the social media posts to land. For example, when creating a unique Christmas social media post, you want to ensure the influencers convey that the product or service would be an ideal Christmas present. 

Think about what is popular at the time. For example, being eco-friendly is important right now. Last year Primark made their shopping bags double as red stripe wrapping paper. This was a great social media campaign that highlighted the importance of being sustainable. In turn, more people would want to buy from Primark for the sole purpose of getting wrapping paper as well.

Think outside the box and look at what is popular now in social media. 

Stay Consistent

If you are going to make the most of the short Christmas period, stay consistent. 

A popular Christmas influencer campaign is the 12 days of Christmas. This could be posting every day with a new discount. For example, free shipping, 20% off, buy one get one free. You keep an audience engaged by making them think about what’s next. 

You can incorporate influencers by getting a popular influencer in your niche to make the announcements. This helps to not only build sales but also build a loyal audience for future campaigns. 

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